BPA Regional Leadership Conference

Congratulations to all the BPA Santa Rosa HS students who competed in the Regional Leadership Conference in Brownsville on Saturday.
The following students placed and will be going to State:
- Danna Sanchez placed 5th in Basic Office Systems & Procedures
- Ava Perez placed 5th in Advanced Office Systems and Procedures
- Jordan Costilla placed 3rd in Network Administration using CISCO
- Sandy Esparza placed 1st in Fundamentals of Web Design
- Diego Cuevas placed 2nd in Digital Media Production
- Michael Villarreal, Michelle Rojas, Aaron Terrazas, and Jordan Costilla placed 1st in Website Design Team
- Julian Rangel, Diego Cuevas, Luis Regino, and Luis Trevino placed 1st in Computer Animation Team
- Julius Moreno placed 4th on Health Insurance & Medical Billing
Students who also placed in the competition.
- Ava Perez, Danna Sanchez, and Leticia Guzman placed 6th in Podcast Production Team
- Julian Gonzalez, Julius Moreno, Sandy Esparza, and Gerardo Trevino placed 5th in Broadcast News Production Team
- Marisa Mejorado, Richard Cuevas, and Clarissa Panal placed 3rd in Video Production Team
- Julian Gonzalez placed 5th in Graphic Design Promotion
Congratulations Warriors!!! #WarriorStrong #SRISD