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Social Work & Family Engagement Services

Social Work Services
COVID-19 School Closure ACE Services:
The ACE Team has four (4) social workers available to provide assistance to students and families who are needing socio-emotional support. We understand that these are stressful times and that these experiences can have an impact on our students and family members. We are here to provide socio-emotional support. If you feel you can benefit from these services, you can access these services in a couple of way. The easiest way is to contact your teacher or school counselor and they will contact an ACE social worker. The ACE social worker will make contact with the parent and/or student within 24 hours. Another way to access the services is to contact the ACE Director directly via email. He can be reached at Services offered include one-on-one phone casework counseling and information and referral services. Our goal is to provide emotional support to all of our students during this unprecedented times.
Other social work service offered through the afterschool program will focus on helping students improve attendance, set goals, and graduate from high school. This truancy prevention program will offer an array of social work services to help students deal with stressors or issues that may be causing students to be absent from school. Social work services will include individual counseling, group counseling, crisis intervention, and goal setting.
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