BPA 2023 Regional Leadership Conference Results

Congratulations to the SRHS Business Professionals of America students for an outstanding performance at the 2023 Regional Leadership Conference!
Conference Results 
Intermediate Word Processing - Mayra Castillo, 1st Place
Basic Office Procedures - Rubi Sanchez, 3rd Place
Network Administration Using CISCO - Lexus Perez, 2nd Place
Graphic Design Promotion - Julian Gonzalez, 2nd Place
Fundamentals of Web Design - Sandy Esparza, 1st Place
Digital Media Production - Diego Cuevas, 1st Place
Computer Animation Team - Luis Regino, Luis Trevino, Michael Villarreal, Diego Cuevas, 1st Place
Broadcast News Production Team - Sandy Esparza, Gerardo Trevino, Larissa Garza, Valerie Ramirez, 2nd Place
Podcast Production Team - Lishaya Contreras, Ava Perez, Danna Sanchez, Rubi Sanchez, 2nd Place
Health Insurance & Medical Billing - Nathan Alfaro, 5th Place
Health Administration Procedures - Leticia Guzman, 5th Place
Way to go Warriors!! 💛🖤 #SRHSBPA #WarriorStrong #SRISD